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Anke Engelke

Known for her work on the German sketch comedy programs Die Wochenshow and Ladykracher, this Canadian-born performer also had a successful career as a voice actress, dubbing the German versions of The Simpsons and Tarzan. Though born in Quebec, Canada, she grew up primarily in Cologne, Germany. Early in her career, she hosted a daily radio children's program and joined a music group called Fred Kellner und Die Famosen Soul Sisters. She co-hosted the 2011, 2012, and 2013 editions of the Eurovision Song Contest. Her first marriage, to musician Andreas Grimm, resulted in a daughter. Her second marriage, to Claus Fischer, produced two sons. She provided dubbing work for the voice of Dory in the German version of Disney's Finding Nemo (Dory was originally voiced by American actress and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres).
Age: 49 years old
Birthday: December 21, 1965
Born: Canada
Birth Sign: Sagittarius

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